Non-Profit Effectiveness

Most non-profit organizations want to have a greater impact on the people they serve.

Wouldn’t it be great…

  • If you had loyal and passionate donors and volunteers that enabled you to have a greater impact in the community.
  • If you had an engaged board that was aligned with your mission and values.
  • If your team was motivated and empowered to do the right thing for your clients and each other.
  • If you could cut costs without cutting people, quality or services.
  • If you could attract and retain a talented team to serve your clients and each other.
  • If you could measure your results and secure greater levels of funding.

Are you ready to transform your non-profit organization?

Why work with Black Diamond Associates:

You understand your problems. We help you identify and deal with the causes so you achieve sustainable results. We are certified to facilitate change that leads to:

  • Everyone working with a common vision, shared values and clear goals.
  • Engaged employees, volunteers and donors who are empowered to achieve results.
  • Efficient and effective processes to delivering measurable and sustainable impact.

In short, we help you make your organization a great place to work!

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With our strategic partner, QuarterCompany, we work to bridge the gap between organizations working to keep internal resources streamlined while maintaining vital office functions at peak performance levels. With QuarterCompany’s expert staff stepping in when and how you need them most, you’ll have a reliable solution for financial, human resources, reporting, legal, compliance and other administrative tasks.

Case Studies

QuarterCompany serves a diverse range of clients, each with different challenges. Client seek out QuarterCompany to provide accounting solutions, high-level financial oversight, organizational development solutions, board development, and training. Clients stay with QuarterCompany because of the exceptional service they receive and the substantial cost-savings that results from partnering with QuarterCompany.

A Complete Program Overhaul – a case study featuring Miami Contemporary Dance Company

Establishing Financial Controls – a case study featuring the Great Commission Latin America

Identifying Savings through Analysis – a case study featuring Educate Tomorrow

Donor Loyalty

Request your copy of Donor Loyalty, a free booklet that helps you assess and improve donor loyalty. Click Here